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If I’ve ever written anything you should read, it’s this article. While we see the failure of the two parties and their erosion of America with our eyes, we are missing context on how to stop them from destroying each other and our country. Today, I take a brutally honest assessment of the two parties and expose how a cancerous philosophical plague that arose in the 1920s threw a wrench in our great experiment known as the United States.

So, if you want a holistic historical context to the mess we find ourselves in, you don’t want to miss this one. Still, all is not without hope.

Across numerous social media groups, I’m in, I’ve noticed a recent trend. Some say that wokeness is made up or contrived by conservatives. Is that true? There’s plenty of evidence to suggest they are not correct. Today, I dive into what the new meaning of woke is, provide concrete examples of it, and call on all common sense Americans to push back.

Who am I? Since the beginning of time, that question has been simple. I’m a husband or wife, son or daughter, a brother or sister. Perhaps one was a person of faith. Today, we are more divided than ever over this central question. Sixty years ago, sexual revolution ushered in a whirlwind of cultural shifts that altered society and led to the rise of identity politics and the embrace of politics over family. People are seeking counseling due to mental health struggles at massive rates, and even more are worshipping at the altar of government to find their identity.