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Today, Tamera Lynn Stewart shares how she learned to overcome the challenges of burnout and stress and how she keeps her mental health positive in an intensely political environment.

If you work in advocasy or plan to get involved in a cause, you don’t want to miss what she had to say. It could make all the difference in the world and help you to more effectively make an impact for your cause.

Next week, President Biden plans to tout his economic success. It may be too soon. Americans have lost significant money due to inflation, job losses are mounting, and trade imbalances are re-appearing. In the latest government data, warning alarms are sounding off. One metric is the worst it’s been since the Great Depression, and other indicators suggest we’re in for a bumpy ride.

Of course, Biden knows what’s coming. So, his public relations tour will try to head off his political troubles. He’ll deflect, blame, and rinse and repeat.

Will it work?

Over the last five years, top Democratic leaders have exclaimed from the rooftops that the Trump tax cuts of 2017 were nothing more than a “giveaway to the rich?” Data released by the Treasury Department over the last two years says something very different.

Find out how much record money the corporate tax receipts brought into the Treasury and the problem for the Biden administration and Democrats who want to repeal the 2017 tax cuts. Additionally, if tax receipts are breaking records, why is the national debt continuing to explode at record levels as well? Does something have to give at some point?

There is only one common thing that unites all Americans together. Over the last decade, some have succeeded in achieving a war on high achievement and the American dream that could come with disastrous results for our society, economy, and government. In turn, eroding the first principle of America’s unity.

First, we have to ask, what is the American dream? Then, we can discern how it’s being threatened.

Learn how government red tape led to a nightmare in Tamera’s journey while fostering children for her family and how that jump-started her accidental political activism

There’s a lot at stake for America heading into the 2024 presidential election. As the clock times down, there is a civil war brewing in the Republican Party. Over the last few months, Trump has tried to head off DeSantis. So, what do voters think? Do they want Trump or someone not Trump but subscribes to the former president’s policies? Could the battle for the White House harm GOP prospects and help Biden secure a second term?

Across numerous social media groups, I’m in, I’ve noticed a recent trend. Some say that wokeness is made up or contrived by conservatives. Is that true? There’s plenty of evidence to suggest they are not correct. Today, I dive into what the new meaning of woke is, provide concrete examples of it, and call on all common sense Americans to push back.

Who am I? Since the beginning of time, that question has been simple. I’m a husband or wife, son or daughter, a brother or sister. Perhaps one was a person of faith. Today, we are more divided than ever over this central question. Sixty years ago, sexual revolution ushered in a whirlwind of cultural shifts that altered society and led to the rise of identity politics and the embrace of politics over family. People are seeking counseling due to mental health struggles at massive rates, and even more are worshipping at the altar of government to find their identity.

It’s no secret that there are very few conservatives in Hollywood. Don’t tell that to comedian Rob Schneider. Over the last several months, the former Saturday Night Live contributor has been on a tear on Twitter. He’s given his thoughts on topics ranging from the transgender issue involving women and sports to various Constitutional rights.

Find out what the popular comedian candidly in an age of rage as he takes a stand for America over his career.

Where are our courageous heroes, right now, when America may need them the most? More than ever, politics has devolved into an all-out non-combatant war. Biden and the Democratic Party have successfully employed a deep-seated psychology that brands every Republican as MAGA and turned it into a negative stereotype. Its principle design is to stop the conservative movement dead in its tracks as a major political philosophy that stands opposed to the Left’s agenda.

So, today, I’m going to explain the psychology and narrative the Left has created. In doing so, I’m challenging conservatives to ask if they have the courage to be the heroes America needs right now.

Through tax policies, both Democrats and Republicans have abused their taxing powers for political ambition. In today’s article, I’ll expose how both parties manipulate voters through tax policies and how new taxes that went into effect over the last year could be catastrophic for businesses and families struggling under the weight of record-high inflation, possible job losses, and a likely recession.

Still, the bigger question is, should the government have this much control over the economy?

The word “lobbyist” has become synonymous with some of the worst words in the political vocabulary. Yet, is the caricature of lobbyists running from lawmakers to lawmakers and bribing them for special favors accurate or fair? Today, I want to share with you a different perspective on lobbying, what most lobbyists really do, and how they benefit lawmakers — and as an extension — you, the voter.

Is America in danger of losing its heritage and identity as the Left sets radical dumpster fires one after another? The culture is changing, and no one is better at politically moving America than the Left while they trap people in a state of dependency and erode the American dream of hope, opportunity, and happiness.

If America’s political culture continues to decay, traditional issues of tax cuts, fewer regulations, or smaller government won’t matter. There may not be a country to conserve.

Over the last six years, America has faced intense political divisions. The rhetoric hasn’t helped though it might be good for at least one political party. Last week, the country witnessed what many said was an embarrassment after 20 conservatives united against Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for Speaker of the House.

Today, I’m asking, was what happened last week by design? Did the Founding Fathers intend to use factions to control and limit a majority or the government as a whole?