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Over the last 225 years, the promise of America was rooted in the principle of opportunity, which transformed the world. Now, the country is in a unique crisis. Too many former workers are still refusing to leave the comfort of their homes as they sit on the sidelines enjoying government benefits. The result is too many are trapped in government dependency, in despair, and without a way out. That is a prescription for a loss of liberties and freedoms as some in our government embrace equal outcomes and throughout the American principle of equal opportunity – it’s secret name is “equity.”

What is really driving the political opposition to Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) nomination as Speaker of the House? Some say that 20 members of the House don’t have a right to block the majority’s wishes. Is that what Republicans were saying last year when Democrats were in the majority? There is a debate that must be had, and this may be the perfect time to have it. Some principles are just that important. Find out what the real issue is in this moment in American history…

George Santos (R-NY) is the newest member of the liar’s committee. He’s admitted to representing himself falsely to voters. Now, some want legal recourse and to prevent him from taking his congressional seat. Still, the Constitution and law may have something to say about that matter. This isn’t a legal issue. It’s a political one.

These are not ordinary times. America is going through a unique moment in history. Today, conservative thinking is drowned out by a charade of events following one after another. As soon as one thing hits the mainstream, another line of radical ideas follows. The result is a constant state of societal turmoil that quickly shifts political thought farther and farther to the Left at a frantic pace.

In the 1990s, a narrative began to develop as an outflow of messaging from Clinton campaign operatives. Over the last few months, it’s been a refrain I’ve heard all too often on social media. It goes something like this… “What new ideas have conservatives come up with lately? The Republican platform says ‘no’ to everything.”

Is that true? And, are liberal ideas of progress really sustainable?

There are some surprising answers to these two questions…

Can courts cherry-pick what they like in the Constitution or don’t like and thereby change the meaning of plain words? That’s what’s at stake in the latest challenge to the Election Clause heard by the US Supreme Court. Still, one Justice said the legal challenge was “novel,” but is it? Could the Supreme Court again make a decision that makes matters worse?

Partisan ideas about what works and doesn’t work have caused significant damage to America’s economy, society, and trust in both the government and the media. If nothing else, the current inflation crisis demonstrates this point. The fact is, the quality of political ideas is as important as the quality of our political leaders and those who vote for them. Emotion over data rules the day. What is the root of the problem, and is there a solution? If not, could it break up the country once and for all?

What is happening in America feels more like something out of a movie than real life. We are learning how deep and extensive the relationship between the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the government, and Big Tech has been over the last several years. It goes well beyond censorship to a collaborative approach to silencing political opposition. The broken boundaries may be so extensive it may be safe to say the country was hijacked, lied to, and we’re all paying the price. They almost got away with it.

The Left appears to want it both ways. Regarding social media censorship, they argue private businesses can discriminate against and censor speech they disagree with. Interestingly, when a person of faith who owns a business exercises their rights to choose who they will do business with, they allege it’s illegal discrimination.