Don Purdum - Conservative Political Consultant

Political Consulting for Conservative Campaigns and Grassroots Organizations


In 2022, numerous polls showed those who identified as liberal had curtailed significantly. Yet, the decline in liberalism in America didn’t result in the red wave that many pundits anticipated ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. That’s despite the overwhelming majority of Americans saying the country was headed in the wrong direction and voters casting ballots for Democratic candidates whose policy results they disagreed with.

How a political candidate or grassroots organization communicates with voters and pushes back against the Left’s reckless narratives is the difference between winning and losing. Yet, all too often, few understand the art and science of messaging and how to connect with voters in deeply personal ways that earn credibility and a loyal following. If ever there were a time for conservatives to demonstrate they understand voters, it’s now.

The Conservative Era’s CEO, Don Purdum, has decades of experience in messaging development, issues management, public relations, digital marketing, and working as a political consultant to conservative candidates. His vision is to drive a new and ongoing era of America‚Äôs conservative national identity that empowers every person to realize their God-given talents and use their skills and abilities to fulfill their potential. 

The Conservative Era accomplishes this through the acronym RARE:

R: Research the issues

A: Analysis of the political environment

R: Report and contrast

E: Educate voters to help make informed decisions and engage with them to connect conservatives ready to act with political candidates, grassroots organizations, and other groups relevant to their passions.

Don has a unique perspective and uses The Conservative Era to fulfill the research, analysis, and reporting aspects of his vision through his daily articles with the public. 

The “E” in RARE is where Don’s political consulting comes into play. He wants to help your campaign over the finish line by creating compelling messages for candidates who desire to connect deeply with voters and other stakeholders.

What is Messaging?

Let’s start with what messaging is not. It’s not a list of bullet talking point topics or policy initiatives voters have heard for decades, such as:

  • * Small government
  • * Fiscally conservative
  • * Limited government
  • * Fewer regulations
  • * Lower taxes
  • * Property rights
  • * Abortion

A message isn’t a tagline or slogan.

A great political message is a form of communication that captures voters’ thoughts, experiences, and passions so personally that you resonate with them in ways others cannot. 


The goal is for the message to become a movement. 

Here’s the key to winning over voters, donors, or stakeholders… it’s tied to the unique identity of the conservative candidate, not the Republican Party talking points that may or may not align with the candidate’s personal views. Once the central theme of the candidate’s message is developed, the process of “messaging” is ongoing. It evolves with the candidate and with the political environment as it shifts.

Benefits of Great Messaging

The benefit of a great core message is that it will always align with evolving issues.

The benefits of working with Don are numerous:

  • * Connects you more deeply with voters, donors, and other stakeholders
  • * Demonstrates competency
  • * Builds your campaign’s ability to control media narratives
  • * Puts you on offense against political adversaries
  • * Protects you against false narratives
  • * Keeps your communications on point
  • * Uses The Conservative Era’s influence in understanding and discerning what’s moving voters among both the Right and the Left as issues evolve or change
  • * Combats Democratic meddling in your campaign


About Don

Don has worked as a campaign manager on several congressional campaigns, consulted with state lawmakers, and worked with the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM) as a messaging consultant.

“Don joined us at GSPM as a consultant and quickly demonstrated his knowledge and expertise in digital messaging and marketing. He brought a big picture and still practical approach to our work. He structured our time and activities, which kept our short-term engagement on track, and exercised patience with inevitable bureaucratic hurdles.

Don brings a passion and sincerity to his work which comes through from day one, and his availability and flexibility were appreciated and relied upon. If you find that you or your business needs to build capacity or enhance knowledge in the digital and social media space, I highly recommend you contact Don. His track record speaks for itself!”

Marie Rudolph, Director of Marketing


Don holds a Master’s Degree in Political Management from The George Washington University. He studied in the campaign track, earned a 4.0 GPA, served as the president and vice president of GWU’s chapter of SALUTE National Veterans Honor Society, and was a finalist for the prestigious Founding Dean Arterton Award.

In addition, Don also was elected with over 75% of the vote and served as the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors for Pequea Township, PA.

Don lives in Lancaster, PA, with his wife of 30 years, Nicole, and their three fur babies.

How You Can Work With Don

So, here’s how you can work with Don.

The Conservative Era’s consulting services include:

  • * Message consulting – one-time or ongoing
  • * Issues management consulting
  • * Speech writing
  • * Digital list management
  • * Copyrighting for emails, website, and press releases


If you want to learn more, contact Don directly at You can also reach him on LinkedIn