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The word “lobbyist” has become synonymous with some of the worst words in the political vocabulary. Yet, is the caricature of lobbyists running from lawmakers to lawmakers and bribing them for special favors accurate or fair? Today, I want to share with you a different perspective on lobbying, what most lobbyists really do, and how they benefit lawmakers — and as an extension — you, the voter.

Over the last several decades, America has watched as politicians and government officials failed the country. Scandals have grown too numerous to count in recent years. Today’s politics has morphed into a seesaw of which political party can race to the corrupt bottom the fastest and take voters with them through bribes and empty promises. The American Revolution sought to unleash merit, competition, honor, interest, and patriotism. It appears we are headed in the opposite direction. Let’s dive in and consider if the Framers better understood our world better than we understand it ourselves.

What is happening in America feels more like something out of a movie than real life. We are learning how deep and extensive the relationship between the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the government, and Big Tech has been over the last several years. It goes well beyond censorship to a collaborative approach to silencing political opposition. The broken boundaries may be so extensive it may be safe to say the country was hijacked, lied to, and we’re all paying the price. They almost got away with it.