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How long can this last? It’s a serious question deserving of a serious answer. What the data shows us is that the federal government has become a giant insurance company that just happens to do some “government things.” With the continuing explosion of government spending and debt, President Biden is doubling down. Republicans aren’t offering a complete picture as to what they will do either.

Still, if the government doesn’t self-correct, it’s likely to hurt those the most it placed in a state of dependency on it.

Over the last five years, top Democratic leaders have exclaimed from the rooftops that the Trump tax cuts of 2017 were nothing more than a “giveaway to the rich?” Data released by the Treasury Department over the last two years says something very different.

Find out how much record money the corporate tax receipts brought into the Treasury and the problem for the Biden administration and Democrats who want to repeal the 2017 tax cuts. Additionally, if tax receipts are breaking records, why is the national debt continuing to explode at record levels as well? Does something have to give at some point?