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The political culture is shifting in many parts of the country. In Virginia, Democrats are more and more becoming the party of the rich and corporate America. At the same time, Republicans are more embraced by working Americans. On Tuesday evening, I interviewed Eddie Garcia. He’s running in the US Senate GOP primary race to challenge Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) in Virginia. Eddie shared his humble beginnings as a hard-working youth and Latino in South Texas, his decorated military career, and why he’s running to represent Virginia in the US Senate. 

There’s a lot at stake for America heading into the 2024 presidential election. As the clock times down, there is a civil war brewing in the Republican Party. Over the last few months, Trump has tried to head off DeSantis. So, what do voters think? Do they want Trump or someone not Trump but subscribes to the former president’s policies? Could the battle for the White House harm GOP prospects and help Biden secure a second term?

George Santos (R-NY) is the newest member of the liar’s committee. He’s admitted to representing himself falsely to voters. Now, some want legal recourse and to prevent him from taking his congressional seat. Still, the Constitution and law may have something to say about that matter. This isn’t a legal issue. It’s a political one.