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California Democrats have destroyed a once great state. Now, things are getting worse. The state is losing tens of billions of dollars in tax revenues. Bad policies are driving out residents, and things are spiraling as liberals and progressives live in denial.

How bad is it really, will it get worse, and is California progressivism about to strike a dagger in America’s future?

Recently, CEO Howard Schultz made a revealing discovery about America’s youth. He said they were lonely, anxious, and distrustful of government, businesses, and even their families, adding they lost hope in the idea of opportunity.

Find out why this is the inheritance of liberalism and progressivism. The question is, how many people’s eyes are open enough to see it? Today, I’ll lay it out and make the case.

Over the last thirty years, Democrats have argued that the healthcare industry no longer exists to care for people’s needs. They say greedy companies will do anything to ensure profits over patients. Conservatives argue the free market will assure competition and lower prices.

A new report shows that hospitals may be arming Democrats with more persuasive arguments

It’s no secret that Social Security will be insolvent by 2034. If Congress allows that to happen, the consequences to retirees and future retirees will be steep. Yet, the politicians in Washington, DC, won’t pay much attention until there is a crisis with a real consequence. Now, it’s simple demagoguing and emotional attacks against those proposing ideas as a starting point.

There are five options, and none of them may be good at this point. Find out what they are, and what it will take to get a deal to shore up the popular program that virtually all Americans say is a top priority.

A new gold standard study revealed that masks made little difference in preventing the spread of COVID-19. It’s led many to question if masking was more politics than science. Either way, the study could have significant future implications in fighting future pandemics or other issues.

Find out how much damage the government did by eroding trust between itself and its citizens and whether it can recover before trust is really needed one day in the future

The woke equity agenda is about to strike virtually every American. It will change the culture and hurt every pocketbook in ways unimaginable. The Biden administration is now targeting suburban communities. It’s Barack Obama’s philosophy of, you didn’t earn the right to live there.

Find out how Biden is coming for the suburbs, what it will mean, and how Democrats can no longer say they aren’t part of a socialist movement when our lying eyes and basic definitions of words say differently.

A dangerous and destructive far-left philosophy has seeped into America’s conscience. I know it because I encounter it every day. As progressives throw out all kinds of false and baseless claims and share extreme views, there is an opportunity to persuade moderates who feel left behind by the far-left philosophy invading the Democratic Party.

Learn how conservatives can persuade moderates and respectfully push progressive ideologies to the basement.

Joe Biden has a long history of struggling with the truth. It’s so detailed there’s not enough space to discuss all of it. On Tuesday evening, he’ll add to his repertoire of storytelling. He will attempt to misinform the public about the state of the economy, gas prices, and illegal immigration.

The question is, with many voters, will the facts even matter?

If I’ve ever written anything you should read, it’s this article. While we see the failure of the two parties and their erosion of America with our eyes, we are missing context on how to stop them from destroying each other and our country. Today, I take a brutally honest assessment of the two parties and expose how a cancerous philosophical plague that arose in the 1920s threw a wrench in our great experiment known as the United States.

So, if you want a holistic historical context to the mess we find ourselves in, you don’t want to miss this one. Still, all is not without hope.

For decades, sanctuary cities have proudly touted themselves as a place for unlawful migrants to build a new life and shielded them from federal immigration enforcement. Now, at least one city may be changing its tune after illegal immigrants began acting like entitled Americans instead of thankful guests.

Now, a developing situation in New York City may put the Biden administration in a legal catch-22. Still, the question remains, will citizens of the sanctuary city accept ingratitude?

Economists are warning that America is in the midst of a wage-price spiral. It’s when workers demand increases in pay due to inflation, businesses respond, and then increase prices to pay for the outlay in new expenses. It’s a pattern that is continuing to repeat, and economists say it’s throwing the country into a wage-price spiral that could last for a long time and exacerbate inflation. The end result may be painful.

What is at the heart of the catch-22?