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Over the last several decades, America has watched as politicians and government officials failed the country. Scandals have grown too numerous to count in recent years. Today’s politics has morphed into a seesaw of which political party can race to the corrupt bottom the fastest and take voters with them through bribes and empty promises. The American Revolution sought to unleash merit, competition, honor, interest, and patriotism. It appears we are headed in the opposite direction. Let’s dive in and consider if the Framers better understood our world better than we understand it ourselves.

In the 1990s, a narrative began to develop as an outflow of messaging from Clinton campaign operatives. Over the last few months, it’s been a refrain I’ve heard all too often on social media. It goes something like this… “What new ideas have conservatives come up with lately? The Republican platform says ‘no’ to everything.”

Is that true? And, are liberal ideas of progress really sustainable?

There are some surprising answers to these two questions…