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California Democrats have destroyed a once great state. Now, things are getting worse. The state is losing tens of billions of dollars in tax revenues. Bad policies are driving out residents, and things are spiraling as liberals and progressives live in denial.

How bad is it really, will it get worse, and is California progressivism about to strike a dagger in America’s future?

Recently, CEO Howard Schultz made a revealing discovery about America’s youth. He said they were lonely, anxious, and distrustful of government, businesses, and even their families, adding they lost hope in the idea of opportunity.

Find out why this is the inheritance of liberalism and progressivism. The question is, how many people’s eyes are open enough to see it? Today, I’ll lay it out and make the case.

These are not ordinary times. America is going through a unique moment in history. Today, conservative thinking is drowned out by a charade of events following one after another. As soon as one thing hits the mainstream, another line of radical ideas follows. The result is a constant state of societal turmoil that quickly shifts political thought farther and farther to the Left at a frantic pace.

In the 1990s, a narrative began to develop as an outflow of messaging from Clinton campaign operatives. Over the last few months, it’s been a refrain I’ve heard all too often on social media. It goes something like this… “What new ideas have conservatives come up with lately? The Republican platform says ‘no’ to everything.”

Is that true? And, are liberal ideas of progress really sustainable?

There are some surprising answers to these two questions…